What is Information Technology?

Data, Data Processing and Information System:

Data is a collection of facts. It is a raw material of information. When raw facts and figures are arranged in such a suitable manner that they give the clear and proper meanings then they are called information. Data processing is defined as a sequence of operations performed on data to convert it into useful information. Data processing is also known as computing. Data, data processing and information are the elements of data processing system. A system that processes the raw data to convert it into useful information is referred to as information system. An information system or computer-based system included hardware, software, data, procedures and the users that interact with the computer.


When we talk with others, we exchange information, this is called communication. In the modern age, communication is very fast, due to development in the communication technology. The computer networks are used for data communication between towns, cities and countries all over the world. Actually, the computing and communication technologies are combined together for this purpose.

Information Technology:

Information Technology is the technology that merges computing with high speed communication links carrying data in the form of text, sound, images, video etc. In Information Technology, computer systems are networked (linked) in such a way that data and information stored on one computer can be available to all the linked computers. The meaning conveyed by processed data is called information.

In this modern age, computer users can share and exchange their information (messages) all over the world through computer networks (Internet). They exchange information in such a manner as if they are sitting in a room, face to face. Due to the information technology, the sub-offices of most of the industries and enterprises are digitally linked together. Even they are located in different towns, cities and countries but they can exchange information with each other rapidly. Information Technology has facilitated to exchange the information among the people of different countries all over the world. People living in far off places can exchange information due to Information Technology.

information technology

Global Village:

This technology has joined together the people around the world. It has made the world a “global village”. Global Village means the entire world and its inhabitants or people. The world has become a “village” in which all people know each other as if they are living in a village and are linked with each other. The information technology has “shrunk” the world as a Global village.

Revolution of Information Technology:

Information Technology has brought a revolution in our life style. In this technology, computer systems are networked (linked) in such a way that data or information stored or processed on them can be available to all the linked computers from anywhere, at any place, at any moment. We may call it the Computer Revolution, Information Revolution Communications Revolution, Internet Revolution, Multi-media Revolution etc. The information technology has brought a revolution in our life style. Computing is playing main role in information technology. The computer utilization is increased. The modern impact of information technology has expanded the base of computing and communication through satellite, fiber-optic, mobile phone, fax machine, multi-media, hyper-media, e-commerce, m-commerce etc.

Digital Convergence:

Before arrival of information technology, telephone, television, and printing industries used different technologies. These industries are now using information technology to create, store and communicate their data. The integration of technologies and products of communications, entertainment, and publishing industries with the help of information technology is called digital convergence. Digital convergence is possible because these industries use digital devices and data in digital format. Conclusion is that Information technology has changed the life of people in modern age.


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