Data Security and its Importance

Data security:

Security is a defending system to protect a computer system and data from planned or accidental damage or access by unauthorized persons. The data stored on a computer system is always far more valuable, important than both the hardware and the software. Data is gathered and collected over a long period of time. It is, therefore, difficult, expensive, and takes time to recover data that has been lost although it is not impossible. “Data Security means protecting data from unauthorized users / persons”. Data Security is the practice of ensuring data is only accessed, read, heard changed, and used by people who have the right to do so. data-security

Why Data Security is Important?

Organizations, Companies, businesses and Government departments maintain their data on computers. Their data consists of personal information about their employees, customers and clients. Data is valuable for functioning of these organizations. There are several risks associated with storing data on computers. Any loss of data can have a damaging impact on the organization. A loss of data whether through human error, fire, theft or other event will require a lot of effort to collect and reproduce it. A computer virus is a program that corrupt or delete data. A virus can affect normal functioning of the organization as documents stored on computers may be affected and become unusable. Some viruses do not harm computer system. But there are many viruses that damage computer system slowing down the system, deleting files, changing files, formatting discs, etc. Computer virus spreads from one computer to another. It spreads copying itself on to discs or across networks. Security of data may be violated with the following ways:

  • Due to hardware theft
  • Due to unauthorized access of hackers
  • Due to system failure
  • Due to viruses, worms, & Trojan horses

How to prevent the data from threats?

  • Encryption mechanisms, choose best security softwares and having strong password
  • Take the backup copies and store media away from the originals.
  • Keep softwares with latest updates
  • Genuine Antivirus Software must be installed
  • Ensure the physical security of hardware

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