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How to Secure your WordPress site

WordPress is one of the most popular website development tool to create any website very quickly and easily. Now, different types of sites are creating and publishing in regular basis by using WordPress. So WordPress security is now a very important concern for the WordPress site owners. There are many security plugins


How to install WordPress on XAMPP Server and most used plugins

WordPress is a very popular open-source web application for creating any type of website very easily. At the very beginning, it was thinking that WordPress was designed to create blog site only. But now, WordPress is using to create any type of website and it is very easy to configure for the


What is Content Management System (CMS)? Introduction to WordPress as a CMS

Content Management System (CMS): A system or a web application that is used to upload, edit, control and manage the content (data) of a website without technical training is called Content Management System (CMS). The management of a large website is not possible through manually coding.  CMS is designed to make it