How to Hide Folders with Command Prompt and by using Software?

We use computer and laptop in every field of life and store large amount of precious data in these devices. Sometime a single computer is used by many users and there is necessary to protect precious data from other users. A home computer is also used by others family members, so there is a chance of accidentally deletion or corruption of data by other users or children. The best solution to protect the data is to hide folder and files. You can hide your important folders or files by using software or by using the Command Prompt (CMD), a built-in function of Microsoft Windows. There is many software or programs to hide data. In this article you’ll be able to hide folders and files with Command Prompt (CMD) feature and also with using Wise Folder Hider software.

(1) Hide Folders with Command Prompt

  • Go on Start
  • Click on Run
  • Then type in the box CMD
  • A black CMD interface will be open named CMD.exe

To Hide Folder:

  • In the Command Prompt type attrib +s +h c:\Personal (Personal is your folder name)
  • Press Enter
  • Now you can see the Personal folder is hidden.



To Show Folder:

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Then type attrib -s -h c:\Personal
  • Press Enter
  • Now you can see the Personal folder is present.


(2) Hide Folder and Files with Wise Folder Hider Software

This tool is really awesome and easy tool to hide your personal folders and files. It is free software and compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.  Wise Folder Hider provides password protection to data. Other users cannot access your personal data without password. You can download this tool from here.

  • After installing the program, run this tool and set the password for every time use.


  • After setting the password, an operational window will be opened.
  • This tool provides three different buttons for hiding file, folder and USB Flash Drive.
  • Now click on a specific button to hide your data type.
  • After browsing your data folder you will see popup arrow button aside the open button.
  • Now click on arrow and set option according to your requirement for a particular file.



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