What is Web Hosting and its Different Types?

Web hosting:

A service that allows the users (organizations / individuals) to publish the websites on internet is called web hosting. Any person or company having its own server and rents out web space for hosting the websites on internet can be called Web Host. A Web Hosting Company rents out space on their server for monthly fee with different packages. By using this service, users become able to show their websites on internet. Websites are stored on special computers called servers.


When the users enter website address on browser, the computer automatically connect to the server and then the WebPages will be delivered to them. Today, there are thousands of web hosting services from free service to special packaged hosting service. In Paid hosting package, Web Hosting Service gives the full backup of websites, security, credit card processing, email, integrity of content and all kind of maintenance.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services:

(1)   Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is free of cost and used for advertising purpose by the hosting companies. Free web hosting has limited services and control than the paid hosting. In free web hosting, connection speed is slow, frequently down the website and advertising banners will be displayed.


It’s free and good for hobby or personal sites are the advantages of Free web hosting while no proper domain name, no software options, limited bandwidth, limited security options, no database support nor technical support are poor facts of Free web hosting.

(2)   Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a most common type of web hosting and is affordable. In shared hosting a section of server is given to the website which is shared with other websites. It is suitable for small websites having average or low traffics. Low cost or shared cost, good for small business, software options, own domain names and good technical support are the good facts of Shared Hosting and many restrictions on traffic volume, slow speed of websites due to large data are the disadvantages of shared hosting.

(3)   Dedicated Server Hosting

This type of hosting has holds more content, has more bandwidth, reliable but expensive than shared hosting. In this type of hosting, a website publisher rents an entire server for website. This allows faster performance having a higher level of security. In short, this type of hosting is best for large business, good for high traffic, gives opportunities of multiple domains, powerful email solutions, provides database and technical support to the website owners. Bad facts of this hosting are expensive and required high skills to operate.

(4)   Colocated Server Hosting

This hosting is the advance level of web hosting in which a website publisher has purchases his own server and the hosting company provides only the maintenance for it. In Colocated Server Hosting, a publisher is responsible for the server itself. Publisher has rights to install any scripts and applications as desired. In Colocated Server Hosting, publisher has complete and full control on server. Good facts of this hosting are high bandwidth, high security and unlimited software options. Expensive, higher skills requirements to operate server and difficult to configure and debug are bad facts of Colocated Server Hosting.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host?

There are thousands of web hosts in the world of internet. Choosing the quality web host for publish a website is an art. It’s hard to choose a reliable and secured web host. Before Choosing the Web Hosting, website publishers make sure that:-

  • Know your hosting needs according to your website?
  • The hosting type is cost effective?
  • Upgrading to a dedicated server is possible?
  • Server reliability and up-gradation options
  • Multiple Add-on Domains
  • E-Commerce & E-Mail Features
  • Easy Control Panel
  • About Limitations
  • 24/7 Friendly Live Technical Support
  • Site backup

Top Web Hosts of 2016:

Following are the top rated web hosts in the year of 2016:-

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